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Typhoon H Plus

Maximum image quality combined with exceptional reliability and automatic flight modes that every photographer and camera wants

  • 20 MP photo resolution and 4K video resolution of 60 images per second
  • Available with and without the automatic obstacle avoidance system
  • Integrated Android Operating System
  • 28 mins flight time
  • Optimized design for better airflow for cooling
  • No data transfer to external servers


Simply the best 4K system available, with Android touch screen controller included which means faster setup and you don't need to add your own mobile device to capture an impressive 4K video. Typhoon 4K also captures 1080p / 120fps slow motion video with a complement of manual camera settings for total creative control. Perfect grounding shots are also available with the SteadyGrip Handheld.

25 min flight time

12MP photo resolution

400m video transmission range


Mantis Q - The folding and simple travel drone for small and large adventures. Thanks to voice control, respond to words and, with visual tracking, will follow you wherever you want. Whether backpacking in Thailand, traveling by road through the south of France or on the beach with the family: thanks to its energy efficient design, the Mantis Q stays up to 33 minutes in the air and captures exceptional photos and videos.

  • Voice command
  • Control Included
  • Photo Resolution 4k video of 32MP
  • 33 min flight time
  • 72 km / h speed